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This test is a practice platform to boost your knowledge. Once you receive the email, there will be a link to change your password. Applicant needs to make the necessary payment when they return the form to the City Hall. Anyone wishing to operate a food truck in the City of Eau Claire must obtain a City of Eau Claire restaurant license and a Health Department license. Well, you are right; it's a cool job, but what you may not know is that it takes a lot of confidence, knowledge, and practice to master the title. Operator's licenses expire on June 30th of odd number years. Audited Financial Statements; 75 N. Inspections will be required from the Health Department, Fire Inspector, and Building, Electrical, and Plumbing Inspectors. Temporary Operator's License The application cost is $10. Applicant may request a Provisional Operator's license when applying for a regular operator's license. A password change request has been successfully sent to {0}. You may apply for a temporary operator's license in the Clerk's Office. Bonson Street Platteville, WI 53818 (608) 348-9741. Contact the Licensing Bartender/Operator License. Click here for restaurant license application. TAVERN Operator (Bartender) July/June $30/2 year license Required: Certificate From WI "Responsible Beverage" Class or Proof of Registration for Class. Bartender License. Supporting Documents. Finance. The Clerk also need a copy of your current Class Certificate or current license from another municipality indicating your have taken the Bartender's course. . Operator/Bartender License (1 or 2 year) Application (164 KB) Responsible Beverage Server Approved Course List (83 KB) Administration. And if you are certified into the same, then you get to chill, man. Click on the links below to see more information about a specific license or permit and to find the application, etc. Provisional (Temporary) $5 Good 60 days Required: Registration for class, issued only when applying for Tavern Operator license. New London, WI …10/21/2019 · Many of you may think that bartending is cool, serving fancy drinks to customers in all those moves full of swag. Temporary $10 max 14 …Operator/Bartender License Anyone applying for a new operator's license must complete the Responsible Beverage Server Training course or show proof that they have been a licensed operator in the last two years in another Wisconsin municipality. The cost for a provisional license is $15. (Submitted Photo) GREENFIELD, WI -- A bartender …Licenses & Permits The Clerk’s Department issues many types of licenses and permits. It may take a couple of minutes to arrive. 4/4/2019 · Bartender Angela Vazquez says women can pay three times more than men in fees when applying for a license in Greenfield

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